Infrastructure Priority List - Call for submissions

Infrastructure Australia is updating the Infrastructure Priority List (IPL). The next edition will be published in February 2018.

As part of this update, we are calling on Australian governments and non-government bodies to identify infrastructure problems and opportunities of national significance.

We are happy to consider proposals for all types of infrastructure, including programs of related works and programs for network optimisation.

To submit an initiative to Infrastructure Australia, proponents will need to complete a Stage 1 Template (Problem Identification and Prioritisation), which is linked below. A checklist has also been included below to help proponents provide the right information in their submission. The Assessment Framework PDF: 7287 KB ReadSpeaker provides further detail on each submission stage, and how to complete each template.

  • Stage 1 Template—Problem Identification and Prioritisation DOCX: 68 KB
  • Stage 1 Checklist—Problem Identification and Prioritisation PDF: 270 KB

If an options assessment has been completed and preferred options identified, please consider submitting a Stage 2 Template in addition to a Stage 1 Template.

  • Stage 2 Template—Initiative Identification and Options Development DOCX: 69 KB
  • Stage 2 Checklist—Initiative Identification and Options Development PDF: 627 KB

The submission period will close on 27 October 2017.

For more information or to discuss the submission process please contact Jeremy Parkinson, Director—Project Advisory on (02) 8114 1910 or email