Who can make submissions to Infrastructure Australia

Infrastructure Australia welcomes submissions from any individuals or organisations who would like to nominate potential infrastructure solutions for inclusion on the Infrastructure Priority List.


Potential infrastructure solutions are divided into two different stages of development: initiatives and projects.

Initiatives are potential infrastructure solutions for which a business case has not yet been completed. Initiatives are identified through a collaborative process between nominators and Infrastructure Australia, using the Audit and other data as evidence.

Projects are potential infrastructure solutions for which a full business case has been completed and has been positively assessed by the Infrastructure Australia Board. Most projects are first identified as initiatives, and subsequently developed into full business cases.


Developing a business case and implementing an actual project requires substantial technical and legal capacity. Infrastructure Australia differentiates between those who are presenting initiatives or projects as:

Nominators—any individual or organisation who suggests a potential infrastructure solution as an initiative. Nominators of potential infrastructure solutions should use our templates and include all available supporting material, when making their submission

Proponents—an individual or organisation who presents a full business case and has the technical and legal capacity to implement the project. Project proponents must include the full business case for the project, as well as any related studies and reports, in their submission to Infrastructure Australia.


Infrastructure Australia advises nominators of transport sector initiatives and projects to use the National Guidelines for Transport System Management(NGTSM), in conjunction with relevant Infrastructure Australia guidelines, in developing submissions.

Project proponents which are state or territory governments should also consider the Australian Government requirements for funding submissions outlined in Notes on Administration for Land Transport Infrastructure Projects 2014–15 to 2018–19.


We encourage nominators to make early contact with Infrastructure Australia to discuss their submissions via mail@infrastructureaustralia.gov.au. This assists Infrastructure Australia to advise and support nominators during the submission development process. Project proponents which are not state or territory governments should also make early contact with their state or territory government to discuss their submission.

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