Submission templates and checklists

Templates to assist proponents to make initiative and project submissions are linked below. The Assessment Framework PDF: 7287 KB ReadSpeaker provides further detail on each submission stage, and how to complete each template.

  • Stage 1 Template—Problem Identification and Prioritisation DOCX: 68 KB
  • Stage 2 Template—Initiative Identification and Options Development DOCX: 69 KB
  • Stage 4 Template—Business Case Assessment DOCX: 76 KB
  • Stage 4 Excel Template—Business Case Assessment XLSX: 345 KB

Please note there is no formal submission for Stage 3— Business Case Development. Proponents should instead formally advise Infrastructure Australia that business case development is underway.

The following checklists have been developed to help proponents make sure their submission has the right information and analysis for Infrastructure Australia to complete its assessment.

  • Stage 1 Checklist—Problem Identification and Prioritisation PDF: 270 KB
  • Stage 2 Checklist—Initiative Identification and Options Development PDF: 627 KB
  • Stage 3 & 4 Checklist—Business Case Assessment PDF: 767 KB ReadSpeaker
  • Stage 5 Checklist—Post Completion Review PDF: 246 KB ReadSpeaker